D-Wave Systems Company

D-Wave Systems is the world's first company to sell quantum computers. The company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. D-Wave is a leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems, software and services. They are the only quantum computing company that builds and delivers quantum systems, cloud services, application development tools and professional services to support the end-to-end quantum journey. What is a quantum computer? A quantum computer is a computer that uses quantum mechanical phenomena, such as quantum superposition and quantum entanglement, to process data. It is fundamentally different from classical computers working on the basis of transistors and electrical phenomena, the subject of classical physics. Unlike ordinary computers, which store information as bits (0 and 1), quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits – they can be 0, 1 or their superposition, i.e. both at the same time. This allows a quantum machine to perform multip